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Example MapEagle Report (please note this example is entirely ficticious and is only intended to give an example of the kind of report you can produce using MapEagle.)

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MapEagle is GIS based Report Writer that provides an easy and convenient way for carrying out site sensitivity analysis. It allows you to automatically carry out buffer searches around a site and outputs the results (maps and the data) directly to Microsoft Word or PDF. MapEagle is an invaluable tool for any professional who needs to analyse and report on data contained within a GIS as a routine part of their job.

Some of the potential uses are discussed below.

Using Map Eagle for Local Authority Environmental Searches

Environmental searches have become a standard part of the conveyancing process as both buyers and lenders become aware of the liabilities associated with contaminated land and other potential pollution hazards.

As local authorities are under a duty to inspect their areas in order to identify land that may be contaminated, they already possess a great deal of data on the issue, most of which is stored within a GIS and linked database (i.e. GeoEnviron). Their main problem is making this data available to the public in an accessible format.

A number of leading local authorities have begun using MapEagle to enable them to carry out site sensitivity analysis and to generate reports that they are then able to pass onto their clients. As well as being able to provide reports on the status of a site and its surroundings, they are able to ensure that responsible advice is given on the possible need for remediation.

As well as providing local authorities an ideal opportunity to provide a valuable, quality controlled service to the public, MapEagle also gives them the opportunity to generate revenue, by charging for the reports they provide. This revenue can then be re-invested into the Part IIA investigation process.

Other Uses of MapEagle

MapEagle has a wide range of potential uses. As long as the data is within your GIS, MapEagle is able to report on it.

Examples of other areas where MapEagle can be used include:

  • Generating desk study and Environmental Site Assessment reports - MapEagle could be used alongside Pocket ESA our Environmental site Assessment reporting tool.
  • Screening of planning applications in both Environmental and Planning departments
  • Asset management
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Countryside management
  • Crime reporting and policing etc.

Key Benefits of using MapEagle

  • Quick & Convenient - MapEagle is simple and convenient to use. You will be producing professional looking reports directly from your GIS within a matter of a few minutes.

  • Accurate - Automating the task of responding to environmental enquires reduces the likelihood of errors being made.

  • Cost Effective - MapEagle presents an opportunity to generate revenue so that you not only recoup your investment in the tool itself, but also in any data purchased and time spent gathering and digitising data in house.

  • Instant Access - MapEagle is easy to install and set up.

  • Flexible - MapEagle can be used for strategic analysis as well as for responding to environmental information requests.

Technical Information

MapEagle is available as a standalone application that utilises MapInfo formatted tab files or as an extension for ESRI's ArcMap 9.x. Both applications are compatible with Microsoft Word versions 98 through to 2003.

Contact us to download an evaluation version or to obtain a demo CD today.


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