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Pocket ESA
has been designed to help standardise the task of undertaking environmental site assessments (ESA) and creating desk study and site walkover reports.

Pocket ESA allows you to collect answers to typical questions using a pre-designed questionaire wizard. The questionaire wizard can be loaded onto a Pocket PC (if in the field) or laptop/desktop PC. The answers entered into the questionaire can then be automatically merged into a Microsoft Word report template and a standard report generated for the ESA.

A wide variety of reports can be created; including Phase I and Phase II ESAs as well as Environmental Compliance, and Transaction Screening. The reports can be tailored to any standard including CLR11 and ASTM.

Pocket ESA has many benefits including:

  • minimizes time and effort required to produce ESAs
  • reduces likelihood of errors or omissions being made
  • maximizes flexibility
  • ensures reports are standardised for the entire organisation

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