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We specialise in assessing risks to human health and the environment arising from contaminated land. Our services include:

  • Desk top studies
  • Site investigation design and management
  • Quantitative site risk assessments
  • Remediation design and monitoring
  • Expert witness support

A Phased Approach

We take a phased approach to risk assessment. We begin an assessment with a targeted desk top study (DTS). Based on the findings of the DTS, we then construct a conceptual site model.

Conceptual models are helpful as they describe all the potential pollution sources, pathways and receptors that are likely to be associated with a site and therefore help to focus the risk assessment.

Where the conceptual model identifies one or more potential pollutant linkages (i.e. a potential source, pathway and receptor) we carry out a semi quantitative or where necessary a fully quantitative risk assessment.


Quantifying Risk and Evaluating Remedial Options

Data on human exposure characteristics, contaminant concentration, distribution, fate and transport is collected.

We use a range of risk assessment models (i.e. CLEA, BP RISC, RBCA, CONSIM) to quantify the significance of site risks to human health, water resources and the wider environment. Based on the findings of the risk assessment we are able to derive soil clean-up targets and evaluate remediation options.

We recognise the importance of effective risk communication and therefore ensure that we tailor our reports to the target audience, ensuring that the risks associated with a site are clearly presented and easily understood. 

Contact us to discuss you requirements regardless of whether they are in relation to a new development, a potential Part IIA site, or otherwise.


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Former industrial site being
redeveloped for residential use


A stream being contaminated
by leachate from a landfill site.